Chipper Anvils

Edge-per-edge, a carbide chipper anvil will last 4 to 6 times longer than a welded-hardfaced anvil.

 Chip quality improves, because a carbide wearproof anvil holds it’s sharp edge longer, cutting the chips more cleanly. Less compression damage. This creates fewer fines and fishtails. Most customers report 3% to 5% chip quality improvement while running carbide chipper anvils.

anvilChipper anvil design is excellent for carbide, because the 128-degree included angle presents a blunt carbide brazed edge to the chipper knife, which reduces debris damage to the anvil. Also, the carbide grade is important. Harder is not better.Universal uses a softer, tougher, shock-resistant grade of carbide than what is found in saw tips. In fact, Universal’s carbide is similar to the grade of carbide used in jack-hammer tips used for breaking concrete.

Our carbide stays where it’s brazed. Heavy debris impact does not knock it loose. Universal has over 50 years experience in brazed carbide tooling. Our special brazing techniques guarantee a solid bond between the carbide and the steel substrate.

Horizontal bottom anvilsUniversal can rebuild worn carbide anvils for a fraction of the new-part cost. We can replace worn carbide tiles. Frequently, we can simply re-sharpen a dull anvil without replacing any carbide.

Universal maintains a large inventory of carbide anvils. We stock anvils for most chippers manufactured in North America. We also manufacture custom-built anvils and anvils for drum chippers. Just send us your drawings or samples.