Wearproofed Counter Knives

CounterknivesA wearproofed counter knife from Universal will last 4 times longer than counter knives made from chipper-knife steel. We braze heat-treated HSS inserts into mild steel substrates, which puts the wearproofing where it needs to be, on the bevel.

Universal’s 50+ years of finish-grinding techniques guarantee uniform “flatness” from one end of the counter knife to the other. Our finished brazed knives have no irregularities, which can create packing problems.

Counterknife edgeBecause Universal’s wearproofed counter knives hold their original bevel contours longer before wearing out, your overall chip-quality improves, and down-time is reduced.

Universal maintains a large inventory of wearproofed counter knives. We stock counter knives for most chippers manufactured in North America. We also manufacture many custom-built counter knives. Just send us your drawings or samples.

Take it to the Max!

Universal now offers a new counter knife called the Max Knife. Its main bevel is brazed with tungsten carbide. It contains carefully selected impact-resistant grades of carbide, which will not deform, chip, or fracture when struck by debris. In fact, the Max Knife is populatr with in-woods or on-site chipping operations where debris is a constant problem. The Max Knife is also widely used in whole-log chippers with 96-130″ disc sizes.

The Max Knife won’t last forever, but you could forget how to change it before it wears out!